Wednesday, February 13

eLearning .....? I've had E-Nough!! (Rozhan Idrus)

"I can't stand it anymore .. I have to do this. Call me what you like .. but looks like I have to jump on the bandwagon as well ... so here goes another blog about e-learning version, of course... Sometimes I find it absolutely comical when I hear people complaining about the 'quality' of education on the Internet, when no one ever bothered to scrutinise the 'quality' of face to face teaching .. We are so bothered whether students actually log online to view our notes when we don't even recognise the 200-odd students in our lecture (face to face) ... such dichotomy .. The funniest thing is that .. it is as though there is someone else to be blamed for what is not working with elearning or whatever learning you care to mention!! Who is to be blamed ?? If a lecture is boring - who made it boring?? If a lecture or teaching experience is captivation, who made it so?? YOU!!"

Anyone who has witnessed one of Prof. Rozhan M. Idrus talks, had discussions with him, or read his articles and papers, would have surely enjoyed his unique style of making sense using humour, illustrations, cartoons (like the one above!), striking examples, and mind stimulating reflections and thoughts. Yes, he has this great ability to stimulate both the cognitive and affective mind when making a point.

I suppose his 22 years experience in distance learning, and his background in instructional design has powered him with a few tricks and stories to strike a point, and facilitate effective learning.

Yeah, he is also the mastermind behind
Technogogy, which is currently defined as "the convergence of technology, pedagogy and content in the transformative use of technology to foster learning."

It will be interesting to see how Rozhan's new e-Learning blog evolves. The only thing to worry about is his amazing 'right brain' habit of easily getting bored and too-many-tasking (Been there, done that!), and then suddenly moving on to a new learning adventure (and galaxy!). However, I believe he has hit a juicy learning nail with this blog (including the title!), and it will hopefully inspire him to continue to share his vast experience in distance learning, e-learning and education.

Yeah, wherever this BROTHER is reflecting and sharing his learning ideas and experiences, I will also be eagerly following, reading, reflecting and learning. Hopefully, in the future we can meet more often and have virtual and face-to-face tea-break discussions. Oh, I forgot I don't drink tea! I suppose I will drink pure water to clear my mind, so that I can absorb and reflect his ramblings of learning wisdom :)

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