Wednesday, January 9

TECHNOGOGY - A Convergence of Content, Pedagogy & Technology

"Technogogy is now defined as the convergence of technology, pedagogy and content in the transformative use of technology to foster learning."
Idrus, 2008

This is Prof. Rozhan M. Idrus latest definition on Technogogy, which is discussed in his latest paper entitled, 'Technogogy – A convergence of technology, pedagogy and content'. It will be published in the the new International Journal of Excellence in e-learning that will be launched at the Excellence in e-learning in the Middle East 2008 , which will be held next week in Dubai, UAE (January 14 - 17). Interestingly, he has been appointed as the Chief Editor of this new journal and is of course one of the Keynote Speakers at that Conference.

Since the latest paper on Technogogy has not been published yet, I will not reveal some of its' learning juice. But I will make the URL soon available, and then you can discover Technogogy on your own :)

To undcover the origin of this innovative term 'Technogogy' we need to 'teleport' back to 2005. "At the 5th International Educational Technology Conference (with the theme, Distance Education) held in Sakarya, Turkey from 21-23 September 2005, Prof. Rozhan M. Idrus delivered one of the Keynote Addresses and presented the definition of technogogy. In this respect, he was working with Karen McComas who is an Associate Professor of Communication Disorders at Marshall University. She is also an ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist (Source). "

TECHNOGOGY is defined as the transformative
use of technology to foster learning

- Idrus & McComas, 2005

Click here to read his newer paper entitled "Transforming Engineering Learning via Technogogy "(2008).

If I am not mistaken, we can also expect a book about Technogogy from Prof. Rozhan M. Idrus and Karen McComas soon. Perhaps it is already out! if so, I am certainly going to buy it. I have met Prof. Rozhan M. Idrus a few times, and I have always enjoyed our discussions. To me, he is one of the most interesting and engaging e-Learning Professionals in Higher Education in Malaysia today (that I have met!). Explore his ideas about learning and technology (Yeah, why not contact him, too!), and you might think likewise :)

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Israel Lee said...

Zaid, I think I will add one more dimension to this which is People. In my work, I find that this dimension is so essential that it underlays all the usage of the other three. Be it students, academics, support staff, senior or middle management, they all play a huge influence and impact on how the three dimensions interact with one another.