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CMEAD Projects (Multimedia University)

Centre for Multimedia Education and Applications Development (CMEAD) is a one-stop centre dedicated to providing highly technical and specialized multimedia applications and services. It was established by Multimedia University to deal with the new demands in Multimedia, which is reshaping businesses, media, entertainment, and society in increasingly new and innovative ways. CMEAD is led by the super active and respected Mr. David Asirvatham (Director).

I have met him a few times, and I have always enjoyed our discussions. I am not sure if SCORM is on his discussion menu now days, but a few years back it certainly was.

CMEAD Projects?
In this post, I just want to highlight some of their ongoing juicy projects (I suppose some of them are completed by now!), which are:

  • Multimedia Learning System (MMLS)
    Is a web-based Learning Management System, with built-in intelligence that delivers content according to the abilities of the learners. The system captures and analyses students' learning patters in a digital learning environment.
  • Smart Card
    The MMU Smart Card is the first multi-purpose card of its kind in South East Asia. Smart Card holds various type of information in electronic form with sophisticated security mechanisms in it. It combines financial and non-financial applications in one card. There are three technologies embedded into a single smart card such as contact chip, contactless chip and magnetic strip.
  • Integrated Computerised Education Management System (ICEMS)
    Is an internally developed enterprise information system to manage the operation of an educational institute. It comprises of three main modules namely Students, Financials, and Administration.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    An auto attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System called MMU Info Line. This system is aimed at providing information about MMU via telephone. The system is available 24 hours a day for the convenience of MMU students, staff and the public. A caller can dial up the system at any time and choose one of the many options available, to get the required information.

In addition to these projects, they are also working on a few others, including a e-Procurement System (EPS) and a Document Management System (DMS). If you want to know more about these projects and their services you can check out the presentation slides for each project.

It is always fun to explore what others are up to, and CMEAD are working on some interesting projects, which I wish I could explore in an easy manner with a few clicks (I suppose I will contact them for a demo one day!).

Having said that, I would have loved to see more screenshots of their products, and perhaps some simulated screen recordings/tutorials (why not use Wink, which is a free Tutorial and Presentation creation software) walking through the features, especially the Multimedia Learning Management System (MMLS). Yes, why not have a demo version, where we can login and explore the different type of users (e.g. Lecturer, student, and administrator). I suppose we have a lot to learn in promoting our projects and services in a more interactive and engaging way. However, the presentation slides are a good start.

Wouldn't it be cool to explore MMLS in Second Life. Hmm, that is perhaps too much to ask for, but it would be fun to play around with MMLS using a free online demo version (If can, please share it with us!). The more we taste it, the more we might like it. Just like Moodle :)

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