Monday, January 7

Maxis MDS Second Life Learning Lab

"A Second Life video showing a learning lab coaching session- used for the Maxis Academy Launch on July 31, 2007"

Congratulations Maxis for launching your own little learning space in Second Life. Hopefully, it can facilitate a more effective learning, collaboration, and meeting environment when needed. Not sure if all involved will be thrilled, though! Anway, change and innovation is always difficult, but if you take no calculated risks, you are guaranteed to fail in today's competitive global village driven by learning, creativity and continuous innovation.

Yeah, use Second life also as an alternative channel to promote your products, services, customer service, etc. Anyway, Maxis is not the first company to explore Second Life (e.g. IBM, Havard University) as an alternative tool to learn, communicate, collaborate, demonstrate, experiment. etc., and it is certainly not the last one.

Are the any other companies or educational institutions in Malaysia that have invested and established their own little learning spaces in Second Life (or in another Virtual World)? Is it working? Are you facing any problems? Do people enjoy learning in Second Life?

Perhaps it is time to explore learning and communicating in a virtual world, too! It is a research project worth exploring :)

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Jaygan Fu said...

Its a great initiative...pls keep it up