Sunday, January 6

Malaysian E-Learning Community (in Facebook)

"The aim of this group is to create an online community of practice for anyone involved in e-learning in Malaysia and beyond."

The mastermind (or initiator) of this community, is my good old 'Knowledge Rangers' buddy Lee Yik Sheng. Currently, there are only 11 members here. However, with a bit of promotion and infusion of juicy news, resources and discussions, I am pretty sure we can at least add one or more digits to this number.

In other words, come and join us! If you are not on Facebook, perhaps it's time to join. You need to be a Facebook user to access and participate in this community.

Besides this potentially great e-Learning community, there are many other interesting e-Learning communities here, including:

Facebook is certainly becoming a global space for online communities to evolve, network, communicate, collaborate and share :)

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