Tuesday, January 8

KPerak eLearning Cluster (Goes Moodle)

"The KPEC (KPerak eLearning Cluster) project is a school-based programme designed to provide professional development for teachers in the cluster of 5 selected schools:

  • SK Sri Adika Raja
  • SMK Matang
  • SK Seri Bayu
  • SK Seri Ampang
  • SMK Raja Perempuan Kelsom

The main focus is on developing teacher capability in the use of ICTs within their teaching and learning programmes. Teachers are supported by facilitators working in schools, and by specialist online support and links to existing content made available from the iNZed team through this website.

Key elements of the KPEC programme are online forum conversations, virtual field trips, student participation and collaboration both between the cluster schools, and with schools in New Zealand."

Interestingly, they are using Moodle (Open Source/Free Course Management System) as their main online learning platform to facilitate this KPEC project. New Zealand OER project is also using Moodle. Coming to think of it, several Universities in Malaysia are using Moodle as their main online teaching and learning platform (Explore the 'Higher Education' links and you might stumble on a few). Actually, there are thousands of educational institutions, communities and companies using Moodle all over the world.

What makes Moodle so attractive, besides being Open Source and Free?
I suppose it is because it is easy to install, manage, maintain, scalable, and has an amazing free support community. Yeah, Moodle also has tons of useful tools and features (and 200+ additional plugins) to facilitate effective learning. Oh, I forgot to mention that Moodle is really easy-to-learn and use.

In other words, if you are looking for a course management system or an online platform to manage and facilitate your learning, perhaps you should explore Moodle first, before investing loads of money in commercial systems. You never know, it just might be the solution you are looking for. Yes, then you will also have more money left to invest in training and support. You certainly do not want to run out of funds after software, hardware and network infrastructure expenses. Moodle here I come :)

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