Wednesday, January 30

Christopher's Corner - A New Learning Blog in Town!

"I am putting down in my blog what I learnt in my 10 years as a trainer. I have delivered courses in classroom, created web based courses, coached via face to face, email and other means. Now I believe I have acquired new ideas and skills that will enhance the way I deliver training programs. But what I put down here is not something that is perfect and I know if I put it down here and there are people who can comment, I will learn more." - Christopher Chew

Christopher Chew (from Maxis) has recently set up his own learning blog, where he will be sharing his learning discoveries, knowledge, and experiences in facilitating training and e-learning in Malaysia. Here is his first experience sharing advice: How to Develop, Design and Deliver a Learning Course (Part 1)

I have been fortunate to meet and interact with Christopher a couple of times recently during e-learning workshops (Stephen Downes & Brian Chapman). And based on our interactions and discussions, I believe he will be one of the prominent e-Learning experts (in Malaysia) in the coming years, especially in the corporate learning sector. If you haven't heard of him yet, I suppose you will!

Hopefully, he keeps himself motivated to continue posting regularly in his learning blog (as people begin to discover his learning adventure!). It is always hard in the beginning, but when it becomes a habit, you can't stop! If you are good, sooner or later people will notice your contributions and spread the word (Already doing it!). Christopher, good luck on your learning adventure! :)

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