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LearnTech Asia '08 Conference and Exhibition (18-19 March)

LearnTech Asia '08 Conference and Exhibition is set to be Asia’s first and only platform for learning technologies for organizational learning and performance improvement. It gathers practitioners from leading companies around the world to share their knowledge, experience and best practices for sourcing, content development and implementing learning technologies. LearnTech Asia Exhibition is the place where all the major vendors of learning services, systems, technology and delivery methods will meet learning and development decision makers.

LEARNTECH ASIA ’08 Congress” will be held on 18th-19th March 2008 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Malaysia.

Some of the TOP LEADING practitioners who will be sharing their knowledge and success:

  • Kamal Nawawi – Senior VP, Talent Management & Retention, Khazanah Nasional Berhad
  • Dr. Ali Azizan - Head, Learning & Knowledge Management, Maybank Learning Centre
  • M. Emil Salim Bahari - CEO & Head of Business Development, PETRONAS e-Learning
  • Linda Al Ansari - Training & Development e-Learning & IT , Emirates Airlines (UAE)
  • S V Shiv Shanker - Head of Organisational Learning, Asia Standard Chartered Bank (SPORE)
  • Sujaya Banarjee - Chief Learning Officer , Essar Group (INDIA)
  • Murali Padmanabhan - Head IRM &Technology L&D, TATA Consultancy Services ( INDIA)
  • Gary Grant - National Training Manager , CHUBB Fire Safety (AUS)
  • Deepak Pillai - Partner, Haryati Deepak (MSIA)
  • John Clifford - Director, TELSTAR Learning Academy (AUS)

To be honest, I have never heard of (or read articles from) any of these top practitioners in Asia, which actually reflects how ignorant I am in corporate learning. Therefore, I believe this conference is of tremendous value, as we can learn more about them and importantly learn from their vast experiences in managing and facilitating corporate learning using innovative, effective and efficient practices, methodologies and technologies.

Yeah, if we can pick some good advice and perhaps 'teleport' it into our Higher Learning worlds (if we are in Higher Education) that would be great, too! Anyway, the bottom-line is LEARNING (which eventually leads to performance improvement), and how to nurture it effectively throughout the organization, which can take place anywhere, anytime, by anyone! Interestingly, with a bit of collaboration we will increasingly be empowered with innovative and effective collaborative virtual (and conventional) learning environments blending and mashing-up corporate and higher learning using both formal and informal approaches and technologies (Ning, Facebook, WiZiQ, Skype, etc.). It sounds wonderful, but can we do it? Got any suggestions? :)


Rozhan said...

bro, u wanna check out my conference list at:

I update it regularly as well .. wassalam

Zaid Ali Alsagoff said...

Assalamu Alaikum wrt wbt,

Dear Rozhan,

Thanks for sharing the list. I really like the design and flags, as it makes it so easy to spot the country. Since this blog is about Malaysia, I will probably extract those that are not mentioned here. Finally, here is probably the most comprehensive conference list I have ever come across when it comes to learning and technology:

Thanks again Rozhan,


Rozhan said...

thanks .. just a point of clarification .. on moral grounds .. I do not list any Conference held in the United States in my site ... I dunno, just my way of protesting the war I guess ..