Friday, January 25

Malaysian e-Learning Stories?

Besides reading the latest research papers and news about in e-learning in Malaysia, it is also critical that we reflect past e-learning adventures, implementations, experiences and findings, so that we can learn from them. I have just started (yesterday) compiling interesting Malaysian e-Learning stories (research papers, reports, articles, etc.) that I have discovered. The discovered e-Learning stories have been organized according to chronological order, starting with the latest year first (e.g. 2007).

Currently, I am simply using Google Docs to create this compilation list. Perhaps in the future I will use a more dynamic tool, if necessary. However, sometimes using simply web pages can actually produce better results. Let's see how it goes!

At the moment there is not much there, but give it a week or two; I believe I will have discovered many more interesting e-learning stories that are scattered all over the Web. We just need to find them, and that is what I am doing now. If you have a Malaysian e-Learning story to share, please post it in the 'Comments' section, and I will add it to this growing list.

If you are doing research, or want to know more about e-learning in Malaysia, this compilation might be a good starting point (and evolve into a Gold mine!). Have fun discovering e-learning in Malaysia!

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