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Learning Innovation Talks 01 - ROCKED!

Title : Learning Innovation Talks (LIT)
Date : 7 March 2012
Time : 8.30 am - 5.30 pm
Venue : Level 3, Wisma R&D, University of Malaya

LIT was simply AWESOME in so many ways! CONGRATULATIONS and a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU (AND HUG!) TO EVERYONE involved. 

At the moment I am too exhausted, and simply in NO MOOD to reflect (Yet!) and share some thoughts about LIT. However, I am in the mood to share my presentation slides for my talk, and that is why I am posting right now!

This post will be furthered updated once the video recordings of all the LIT sessions are made available online.

Can we use Twitter to enhance teaching and learning? My talk explored how we can use Twitter before, during and after classroom learning to engage and inspire students to reflect, discuss, collaborate and learn. Here are the slides:

Believe it or not, the MC (Samir Harith) for the LIT seminar WON the Twitter Challenge (during my talk)...

Prof. Karim, no hard feelings, alright (Just some fun!) :) 

All the LIT talks were video recorded and once they are made available online, the list below will transform into juicy learning hyperlinks that you probably don't want to miss out on:
  • Learning in a World that is Open
    Presenter : Prof Dr Zoraini Wati Abas (OUM)

  • iPad and Flipped Classroom
    Presenter : Prof Dr Abd Karim Alias (USM)

  • Using Twitter to Transform Classroom Learning
    Presenter: Zaid Ali Alsagoff (IMU)

  • Using Classroom Presenter on Windows-based Tablets for Teaching & Learning
    Presenter : Dr Abdul Halim Sulaiman (UM)

  • How to Design and Use Prezi Like a Pro
    Presenter: Mohd Hafiz Md Hanif (UPSI)

  • I Annotate, You Annotate
    Presenter: Norhayati Maskat (Taylor’s College)

  • Picture Link: Good Presentations Made Better
    Presenter : George Easton Hanna (Taylor’s College)

  • Beyond Present Schools : MUVilLE (Malaysian multi-User Virtual Learning Environments
    Mimma Sayuti Khalid (MOE/UM)
  • Forum : LIT Forward
    Panels:  Prof. Dr. Raja Maznah Raja Hussain, Prof Dr Zoraini Wati Abas, Prof Dr Abd Karim Alias, Zaid Ali Alsagoff, Norhayati Maskat

As for me, I will be flying off soon to another world until 26th March...Until then have fun learning on planet Earth :)

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