Friday, January 2

Edunovice Offers Affordable Tutorial Services

Edunovice is a new online learning center for anyone who is fond to learn Math. Currently they are only distributing online Math exercises and reading materials for students who are in Form 1 to Form 3. Edunovice also plays its part to help local publishers, tutors and advertisers to benefits from our Math community.

  • Edunovice hopes to provide the best reading materials/notes to students and adults around the world.
  • Edunovice strive to provide the cheapest and Free Online resources to our community within years to come.
  • Building up a math community worldwide to have passion for math.
  • Make it Cheap / Free For Everyone.
  • Build a community where everyone can contribute
  • Provides Online material for everyone from all ages.


Edunovice also provides opportunity for home tutors, local/international books publisher to take advantage to promote products, conduct seminars and advertising in our websites. They are committed to bring the best to everyone.

If you register, they provide you for starters with some free maths and physics notes. Their learning concept is rather straight forward:
Learn through examples and exercises.

Isn't that what we want! If you are interested in online tutoring services, why not check it out. Just click here :)


iznan said... people is really benefiting from the elearning open source script.....i hope that more organisations or individuals will come out with such an idea

iznan said...

do yo know which software did edunovice use? is it moodle or dokeos?

Sabreena Fawzi said...

Do you have info regarding "statistic of e-learning org in malaysia"....urgent hope you can reply to me at my email its for my assignment research